Your data and research work environment where ever you are, using just a web browser

Securely access your data and work from any web browser.

*Support for all major browsers. 

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Easily manage your research projects virtually anywhere

Easily create, edit, store and organize all your data, graphs, reports and documents using your web browser.

Be more organized by having one place for your data, reports and graphs

Stop worrying about having all your documents and files with you and have them stored in securely encrypted cloud storage, accessible whereever you are.

Stop wasting time and let us manage the computer hardware and software for you

Let us handle the hardware and software. We will do the installation, maintenance and upgrades for you. We will ensure that your research tools are ready for you.

Reduce your stress with automated encrypted backups of your work environment after every session

After you log off, our system automatically takes an encrypted snapshot of your files and keeps an archive of all your snapshots for as many days as you need.

Be protected with encrypted cloud storage with enterprise-class durability (99.999999999%)

Our state-of-the-art cloud storage system offers some of the industry's highest durability rates. For every 10,000 files store with us, you will lose 1 file every 10,000,000 years. Your files will also be securely encrypted using military grade AES256 encryption.

Peace of mind with end-to-end military grade encryption for data-in-motion or data-at-rest

Your data and files are encrypted before it leaves your browser, while it moves through our system and when its finally resting in its cloud storage drive.

Stop worrying about data theft and data loss with our enterprise-class cloud storage system

With our cloud-based solution, no sensitive data is ever stored on your devices and made vulnerable to theft. Rest assured, if your device is stolen you can still do your work from your other devices.

Increase your productivity with enterprise-class CPUs that are 6-12x faster than your average desktop

Our R installations are always kept up-to-date and performance optimized to be up to 1000x faster than your average R installation on Windows. Coupled with the latest and fastest Intel processors, you could be saving hundreds of hours of your time.

Save money by converting depreciating computer assets into a small monthly fee

Purchasing and keeping your hardware up-to-date can be very costly. Stop buying hardware that will only depreciate over time and turn those high fixed investment costs into a low monthly fee.